19 October 2007

good to the last slurp

Here's a few things I'm happy about today...

aleph - I just finished the last slurp of my cookies-n-cream milkshake complete with whip cream and cherry (I actually didn't eat the cherry) from Chick-fil-A. Man, was it good.

bet - Today is Friday and inherit in every Friday is a bit of happiness.

gimel - Since I'm alone in the youth office today I've had lots of quietness which for today is quite enjoyable. Sometimes I get a wee bit lonely, but not today, just embracing all that is serene. Okay, so "embracing all that is serene" is probably putting it just a bit too dramatic and Jane Austin'ish, but I just liked the way it sounded.

dalet - This week I've found several of my really good turkish friends on Facebook which is so very fun. mutluyum. cok.

heh - Tonight Kasey and I get to babysit Janelle's little baby girl which I'm so excited about. There's just something so sweet about cuddly babies - can't wait! And plus, Kase and I just need some good girl hangout time so that will be fabulous too.

vav - My bedroom AND my bathroom are both really clean and organized which is giving me immense happiness these days.

zayin - Life with the sis, bro-in-law, and nephew has been really great lately...just so fun. Just helping my nephew with his homework or laughing with them at family jokes and getting my sis and nephew out of bed after they got back in bed after breakfast just for cuddle time...just little bits of life like that make my life richer.

het - Today it is only 82 degrees and beautiful. I know it's weird that I'm thankful for 82 degree weather in October, but just yesterday it was 92 so I'm grateful.

tet - Tomorrow I don't HAVE anywhere to be or anywhere I HAVE to go or anything I HAVE to do. ahhhhhh, now that is a breath of happiness.

yod - I love my job.

kaf - I get to wear jeans on Fridays.

lahmed - I've been getting stuff accomplished today and marking stuff off the list makes me happy.

mem - I'm in the middle of reading a great book - Israel, My Beloved - I read it a long time ago and knew I loved it, but ohmygosh it is so good. It's fiction, but it just paints a beautiful picture of God's lovingkindness towards his people.

nun - For some crazy reason, the only thing I remember about my two incredibly hard and almost devestating semesters of Hebrew is the alphabet...I figure I may as well get some use out of it, right? I could finish it off for you, but you probably couldn't care less and if you actually do care just check out Ps.119. :)

samek - I've had over a 1000 visits to my blog...most of those are probably me, but still fun stuff.