23 February 2007

In case you haven't heard...

Okay, so I'm totally wiped out today because I've been crazy busy getting ready for a DNow weekend at Tallowood. This is right where my job ends and everyone else's is just getting going. Anywho, I feel like I've been hit by a truck and can't think straight which is why I'm updating my blog. hmmmm, maybe not a great idea. But alas, I thought I would share fun news which I've known for a while now (since I'm so in the know) but some of you might not have heard yet. Michael's getting engaged! Yea! Let's all clap. I first heard a rumor from one of our favorite English Club friends when I was in Istanbul. I started my intense research into the matter as soon as I returned to the states. Okay, not the minute I got back, but still I did some research. Here's the goods...

June 16, 2007 my good friend, and yours, will marry Lindsay Burkhart.
(as to where the rest of Michael's head is in this picture, I'm not sure,
maybe he's so in love he's lost his head. bwaaaahahahaha)

Wow, okay, so that's not a lot of details, but you see I have a very cryptic source. Michael is actually my source, but he doesn't exactly gush out with all the dramatic details of how they met, when they met, how he felt, how she felt, what he said, what she said, etc. That just makes it more fun for us to fill in all the blanks ourselves. Like it was a dark and stormy night in the plains of Oklahoma. Hmmm, maybe it should be more tornado-ey. Yep, romance novelist I'm not. Yep, like I said, maybe updating the blog with my brain in a fog (wow, poetry is definitely more my thing) was not exactly the greatest idea I've ever had.

14 February 2007

Will you be my Valentine?

Okay, so forget talking about the rest of the weekend, it was great, but not worth talking about any more. What is worth talking about is how wonderfully sweet God has been to be today. I don't at all have time to be doing this, but I guess I feel compelled to share the story! I'll try to keep it brief. This morning was wonderful. I actually woke up on time for starters, enjoyed my frosted shredded wheat cereal with a few frozen blueberries thrown in, opened a cute Valentine's Day card from my folks...with 20 green ones inside, got dressed in my pink socks with message hearts printed on them, my khaki corduroys, and my Tallowood pink t-shirt w/a heart on it, and I was even having a decent hair day on top of all that. I was so enjoying the morning and already thinking I should blog about this and how clever I would word things. Then I walked outside into the brisk air to walk Carly and we got a bit chilly, but still a gorgeous day. Then I toddled out the door with my gifts for a couple friends and then BOOM. Day started to go downhill.

When I went outside my apartment to go to my car, I noticed that a different car was parked where I had left it the night before after my nieces soccer game (they lost 4 to 0 by the way which was sad, but they were playing the team ranked 4th in the nation!) Back to my story, so no car. At first I thought, "Maybe I'm losing my mind and I actually parked somewhere else." Because I just park wherever there's a spot ya know. But the thing is, I distinctively remember parking in a covered spot number 98. I remember this because I didn't want to park in 100 because I knew it belonged to someone. So yeah, I start to panic. I thought it could have possibly been towed because I'm not really supposed to park there, but all these other cars were parked in covered spots and didn't have parking permits either. So, I thought maybe it was stolen. This is crazy in itself because I drive what is the super cool 1992 White Buick LeSabre. Not exactly a hot commodity, or so I thought. But you see, about 2 months ago, someone tried to steal my car when I was at church working one day. Apparently, they like to pimp out cars like mine! Anywho, so that's why I thought it might be stolen. So, I'm figuring out what to do, meanwhile trying not to panic and not to cry. I end up calling two police stations till I find out which precinct I'm in - oh, after being on hold for about 10 minutes! And I have to say the words, "I need to report a stolen vehicle." Now, that is craziness. Oh, and still trying not to cry. All the while thinking what am I gonna do. How will I get to work? I can't buy a car. How will I ever get to work? I'm going to be poor forever. This was my grandmother's car, dang it. I'm so mad. Oh, and praying, Please Lord Jesus! So, I eventually find out that my car has been towed by the apartment complex.

Next step, cry a little bit. Relief and also frustration. Then, call mom who calms me down and prays for me. Next step, finally call the Apartment Office after they've been opened 3 minutes. Bite the girl's head off who answers the phone, but then feel bad because she's only been working there 2 weeks and happens to be over the top sweet to me. Turns out, they didn't actually tow it, but the individual did who's spot I happened to take. "Happy Valentine's Day to You, Don't Park in My Spot! Lot's of Love, Bitter Person" So yeah, then I call two different numbers and find where my car is and sigh with relief that it's not stolen. That's where the day starts to get better...Here's part of an e-mail update I sent to my mom and dad...

"Well, yes, stressful morning, but God is being so amazingly sweet already! Here’s the update...

I called the place that has my car which so happens to probably 10-15 minutes from Tallowood – of all the city lots in Harris County – that is great. The cost is $157 if I get it by midnight. Ouch.

I called Annetta to see if she could take me to work. No answer.

I cried a little bit for the first time.

I called Jerome to see if he would come pick me up. He agreed and said he was already on the road and would come get me in about 5 minutes and I said I’d meet him at the front.

I take Carly out...for the third time...And walked toward front.

Jerome called back and said Jan was in the area and would come get me in about 15 minutes so don’t wait in the cold.

I waited inside the apartment office and didn’t tell them who I was. J

Jan showed up a few minutes later and we had a delightful drive in to work.

I saw Kasey when I came in who gave me hug cuz she’d heard from Jerome already about it.

As I walked down hallway, Betsy stopped me and said, “I’m so sorry. What happened.” I mentioned to her the $157 and then she said the church would pay for it. I said they don’t need to and she said, yeah, we want to. She’s going to get the cash for me. I told her she was going to make me cry.

I came to my desk with a card on my desk with my name typed on it. Inside it said typed “Our family is thankful for you on Valentine’s Day.” With $50 cash! No name.

Then Kasey came in and we exchanged our Valentine’s gifts. She got me cute heart ankle socks, a red t-shirt with gold hearts on it, and some tights. And a sweet card. Too fun.

Kasey is going to take me to get my car sometime this afternoon.

So, I’m guessing God has been working overtime and ahead of time to redeem my day already. Wow, amazing. Amazing.

Jerome said when I first told him this morning, he immediately thought it was the enemy because he was just telling some folks at a meeting on Monday night that because we are getting ready for this big youth discipleship weekend, that don’t be surprised at difficulties in the next couple weeks. Yep, that blasted enemy. But, oh what a bigger and more amazing God!!!!!!!! And still...I’m so thankful that Red Velvet wasn’t stolen!"

Oh, and 5 minutes later, we had a once a quarter office birthday party and had tons of goodies, cookies, pigs in a blanket, apples w/caramel, etc...Why, oh why is God so good to me. Yep, going to go pick up my car now. :)

11 February 2007


tad long for us. And I'll have to tell you more about the weekend later cuz she's here....Here's aOkay, so this is going to be a lame post, because any minute now my friend Kasey is going to walk in and demand that we head to lunch. Forget the fact that I've been waiting on her for half an hour. When she's ready, she's ready. (love you girl!) Anywho, since I don't have time to muster up some deep topic to write about, let's just say I've had a marvelous weekend. I am so blessed to be one of those fortunate souls who loves their job, but still the weekend break from the office is a joy. Friday night I went to a fundraising Piano concert and banquet at church. I got to sit with my adopted family - Jerome, Jan, and Ashley. The food was incredible and Ash and I had more fun than should be allowed sending text messages when the piano playing got to be a random photo just to reward you for checking in with me... A photo of my mom and pop when they got married!