21 March 2006

Happy things today...

1. It is a gorgeous spring day outside with blue skies, nary a cloud, and the wind blowing.
2. I had a great lunch outside today with the Tuesday lunch bunch (always a good time) AND my beautiful sister Kate joined us. We enjoyed our burgers and fries sitting outside in the sunshine.
3. I love my job and that is indeed a gift.
4. My sister gave me a goodie bag of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, homemade bread, and something else that sounds yummy but I can't remember at the moment.
5. I'm wearing a girly skirt today.
6. Oh, I almost forgot...the lady in line behind me at the restaurant asked where I got my haircut because she liked it so much. She even took a picture with her phone to show her hairdress. I know it's silly, and honestly a bit embarassing, but it did make me feel good.
7. I don't have anything I have to do tonight.
8. I got an e-mail from my sweet friend Linda this morning and she is doing fabulous!
9. Did I mention the guacamole on my burger?
10. I had a long, long commute this morning in the traffic, BUT that meant that I also had a long time to pray this morning. ;)

Ecc. 5:19 "Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work - this is a gift of God."

17 March 2006

Home sweet home

I've been sitting in another office this week filling in for another secretary, but finally I'm back to my own place on the planet - the oh so lovely youth office. While I did enjoy the view of the pink-blossoming tree outside my window and the plush office, it is so good to be home where I belong. Thankful to be doing what I do best and working with my 3 homies and mostly, actually knowing what I'm supposed to be doing again. Life is good. '

In other news... I slipped out of first place in March Madness, but still second place isn't a bad place to be and I'm sure I'll be making a comeback! And the first place was nice for the few hours that I held that title.

Wow, my life sounds so exciting! Actually, I did go to a meeting last night for our Mtrip we have coming up for high school students this summer. It is going to be amazing and we are all so excited about what the Lord of the harvest will do. We are taking 7 leaders (I'm one of those) w/ 7 teams, in 7 seven vans and setting of to wherever He leads us and doing whatever He says do. At the end of the 7 days, all the teams will meet together to share how He spoke to us and what He accomplished. We really have no plan or agenda except His. Crazy, isn't it? We'll be learning how to hear His voice and depend on Him for every moment. I'm a bit scared, but mostly excited about it. We will have lots of training times beforehand getting to know our teams, praying, listening, memorizing scripture and learning how to hear His voice and share our faith, etc. Our inspiration is Luke 10 where the 70 were sent out - however, in that passage they were told to take no shoes, no bag, no money. We will be in fact taking shoes, bags and money which almost seems like a cop out to tell you the truth. Hmmm, something to ponder. What do ya'll think about that?

09 March 2006

More rodeo pics

Sucking the marrow out of life...

Carpe Diem, Siezing the Day, enjoying the abundant life, whatever you want to call it - we certainly did it all at the RODEO. My girlfriends and I had a marvelous, incredible time soaking it all up. In the picture I'm enjoying the unlimited goodness of a deep-fried oreo. Yes, you heard me right - a deep fried oreo, also known as happiness covered in powdered sugar. It's like an oreo inside a donut hole. Life is good. We rode a carnival ride, explored the fun house, ate way too much food, bought cowboy hats, ate more food, laughed, cheered, and gasped in horror at the bullriding, calf scramble, and wagon races. We weren't too crazy about the likes of Toby Keith since he's pretty skanky. (Actually this morning I was thinking how grateful I am that I have fullness in my life without all that junk he was singing about. My Father is truly enough goodness for me!) Oh yeah, and my great friends just had their first baby yesterday! What a great gift Bailey will be to them and everyone she meets. It was great to hear Billy and Liz talking to her and hear her cry on the video. You can check it out yourself on the blog which you probably already have if you love them like I do. So yes, hard things happened today, I missed my Turkey friends, I heard about a bombing and another terrible accident in Turkey today and it squeezes my heart...BUT life is good. Our Father is gracious and good and rich and enough for all we need and desire! This week may He give you sweet fun breaths of joy in the midst of our crazy lives like He gave me last night.

08 March 2006

Don't you just hate that?

So last night I was being a good little blogger and writing a post. I didn't have tons to say, but for all 6 of my readers I wanted to give you something - a little something to hold on to until I really had something to say, ya know? Well, then of course, my troubled laptop decided to disconnect and well, let's just say "the mission was aborted." ( thanks to LG for that quote) Anywho, man don't you just hate it when that happens? I probably won't let it happen again because I won't be updating on my laptop too often. I should know better anyways. My laptop has never been the same since Central Asia, but that's another story. So, ya'll missed out on my thoughts on Softscrub w/bleach and NPR, I'm truly sorry for your loss. Here's a hint though - I love them both. Yes, it's true, I have many loves.
It's amazing how full my social calendar has been of late. A crazy FamilyForce5 concert last week, dinner and coffee w/friends Friday night, church and then dinner at a friend's place on Sat. night, a real live Oscar party on Sunday night, and the Rodeo tonight. Crazy, I tell ya, crazy! I do love to be social, but I'm sure by this weekend, I'll be more than ready for some introverted time. Being social so much really does wear me out. But alas, I'm not there yet - still more fun to have, more social oats (relatively speaking of course) to go before I crash and hole myself up in my little apartment and spend quality time with my pooch Carly and give her some much needed belly rubs.
And now, I'm off to lunch for some vietnamese food - yum!

05 March 2006

How many times can I delete this?

So here's the thing about blogging, I need to make a rule for myself that I won't go back and delete what I've written. That could be a challenge. And here's the other thing, what exactly is the point of a blog? I mean, I know it's supposed to be this online journal, but really, what you write in a journal is NOT what you write for other people to read. So basically (yep, I just went back and deleted something, but only for punctuation use) blogging is sort of one of those oxymoronic things - at least if you ask me - which of course you didn't, but who really cares since this is my blog anyways and I can say whatever I want. I guess in that case, it is sort of like journalling. I think the scary thing is that I'm only on my second entry and I've almost deluded myself to think that noone is actually going to read this. Of course, I can think of two friends at least who might because well, they're excited for me in this new venture of mine. Blah, blah, blah, I'm starting to bore myself...
But really, what is the point of this supposed to be - since it's not really a journal because unlike a random few people out there, I'm just not going to share my innermost thoughts with the likes of cyberspace. As we all know, most blogs are just a way to share with the world all of our exciting and sometimes lame experiences. Actually, I guess the reason I decided to start this blog is because I had so much fun discovering and reading the blogs of my friends sprinkled all over this crazy planet. Lots of friends who I really do love, but have been remiss with keeping in touch. Anywho, I loved reading about their lives and figured they might want to see what's up with me too. (Already I can tell I'm going to be one of those long-winded bloggers - ah geez) Back to the point - I guess blogging is also kind of a weird thing because the dreamy thing about it is that it is the only place in life that is really all about me. The way most of us wish life really was. Of course we know that's it's not all about me, but for one little space on the web it really is all about me. I mean, give me a break - the name of my blog is Rebekistan!!?? "It really should be a country!" How egocentric (and let's not forget ethnocentric at the same time) can you be? And yeah, so I don't really want my blog to just be all about me. I guess my idealistic self would like for my blog to have some sort of "higher purpose" or something like that. But then that can lead to so much cheesiness. Cheese I definitely don't want. Unless of course it's cheese on purpose which is an entirely different matter.
And well, I've written who knows how many words and I haven't said a thing about my total blogworthy evening. I went to an Oscar costume party which was really quite fun. I went as the hot babe from King Kong. Of course, I didn't look quite like her since she didn't wear a long-sleeve pink pajama set with "Save the Gorillas" on the back, but she probably wishes she did.
Yeah...I think it's much easier for me to write about all this random stuff going on in my head than to try to make my day sound interesting. The thing is that I love to write, but just because I love to write doesn't mean that even those who love me will love to read what I write. But then again, this is all about me right? If I enjoy the writing, then does it really matter if anyone enjoys the reading? Now there's something to think about...

03 March 2006

Yep, it's true

Well, I've finally succumbed to this blog-crazed age and mostly just the fact that so many of my favorite people have blogs and if I want to keep up with them (or rather let them keep up with me) then I've got to blog. There's no more denying it. Of course, I do wonder if I'll really have anything to say all that often to make this even somewhat interesting, but the fact remains that people who love me will check my blog regardless. I just hope I don't let you all down! I'll try to be interesting, honest I will. Yep...well...it's seems I'm already struggling with what to say...I guess that's it...more to come. Oh, and I know you wouldn't want to miss it.