18 April 2006

Alice Eileen Alexander

Last Monday morning (April 10th) I was sitting as my desk when my cell phone rang. It was my aunt on the phone who asked if I had heard news from Ohio yet and then asked if I was sitting down. I've always known that my grandmother would die one day, but I certainly wasn't expecting it that morning. My parents happened to be flying down to Houston at the same time so my sister and I went to the airport to meet them and give them the news. What a week it's been since then. My family and I spent several days in Ohio for the funeral and going through all of Grammie's things. It was an exhausting and terribly painful week for all of us. She is really the only grandmother I've known and we were pretty tight, two peas in a pod. She was my favorite and I do believe that I was hers. Man, I'll miss her loving me! She was 92 years young. I know that sounds corny to say, but it's true. She was so full of life that I still can't quite accept her being gone. I loved her for so many reasons, but I'll start to cry if I think of all those just right now. Even through all the sorrow (by the way, I think this is one of the first times in my life where sorrow seems like the best word to describe what's going on in my heart) God has been abundantly sweet giving lots of gifts along the way. I had a precious time with my family this past week, reliving old memories and enjoying small-town life for a few days. My brother and sister and I had the best time together on our trip back to Texas. I told my sister it was just like when we were little, and she said "Yeah, except Andy was nice." :) And I've figured out one of the reasons God values beauty. Beauty seems trivial at times, but while my heart has been sad I've found little bits of healing and dare I say it, cheer, in the gerber daisies and Easter lilly now sitting on my desk. God, thanks for that and especially for all those who have loved me this week - I am very blessed.

07 April 2006

Thank You!

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for remembering me on Wednesday night. I wasn't even nervous once I got talking and God answered so many prayers. I am glad it's over, but I am still thankful I had the opportunity. Of course, after talking about how important it is that we watch what we say, I've had an incredible challenge today keeping my mouth shut about certain things that I would like to gripe about - difficult yes, but thankful for His gentle nudges to help keep me quiet. :)

Oh, today I had the joy of eating Turkish food for lunch at the Empire Turkish Grill which is only about 5 minutes from work. It's only my second time there in two years. It was fun trying to remember my Turkish and I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed my mercimek corbasi (red lentil soup), my coban salatasi (tomato and cucumber salad), and sigara boregi (feta cheese rolled inside phylo dough)! It was cok guzel (fabulous). I wanted to get firinda sutlac also, but I was way too full. Tokum, afiyet olsun to me!

03 April 2006

I know, I know!

I know it's taken me way to long to post, but for goodness gracious, I've been busy! We just moved offices last week so I'm now in a nice and shiny new "office system" (more affectionately known as a cubicle). Actually, my cubicle is quite spacious and homey. I'm just trying to get caught up after several days packing and then unpacking - oh, the joys of change!
The most important reason I'm posting, however, is to ask you to be praying for me the next couple days. I'll be speaking to a group of fabulous high school students on Wednesday night and I'm crazy nervous. I've definitely never done this before. Actually, when I was asked last Wednesday, I said "NO" repeatedly but to no effect. Alas, I know God's asked me to do this and I'm actually really excited about it and how He's already been answering prayers for me as I've been preparing, but still I could use more of your prayers. Mostly, I just want you to ask God to do the work He wants to do on Wednesday night - I feel like these students are really at a place where they can choose - pray that they choose life. I love you guys and promise to let you know how it goes...Josh. 1:9