10 November 2009


While I'm not nearly as ambitious as my friend Kasey who's determined to blog every single day in November, I decided I'd try for at least one post this month! For some reason, it's like I've jarred my brain in such a way by trying to post that alas, I cannot think of even one thing to say...well, at least not at least one thing that has any smidgen of significance. So yep, I'm resorting to the picture post with a few pics from my trip to Israel in July...so I'm a just a little late!
Craziness - The youth staff at Tell Dan, our very first day of touring in Israel...not sure, but I'm guessing Jerome just said something about not wanting to take his picture with me or something!

Here's Shirley (one of my favorite people) and I on a boat out on the Sea of Galilee.

Okay, so I feel like this is kind of a nerdy picture of me, but I'm standing in the Sea of Galilee which is really super cool if you think about it!

This is my Jerusalem team (AKA "My Little Chickens") standing in front of the Eastern Gate of the old city wall around Jerusalem...One day Jesus is coming through there!!!

My favorite picture from the trip...Jerome explaining the site of the Temple Mount. Wow, what a journey it was to get to this point of bringing our students to be a blessing to Jerusalem.