07 September 2006

My friends!

Okay, so maybe this is a bit cheese, but hey, at least I'm posting. I thought for those of you who live in far away places you might want to hear about my Houston friends. And for my Houston friends who see me every day, but still regularly check my blog (much to your disappointment most days) I figured you'd like to see yourself! :) So, here's some of the super fun folks God has blessed me with...

ATTN: FRIENDS - feel free to skip down to just your name to see what I wrote about you! :)

Kasey Joy - and yes, she really is a joy. She really is happy and makes other people happy so much of the time! She always has some crazy or funny story to tell which she spices up with drama. And just yesterday she brought me a little surprise just cause she knew I would like it! And oh by the way, she's my Tuesday hang out friend. She LOVES Gilmore Girls so we used to meet at her place every Tuesday night to share dinner, watch GG, and just have fun. The summer's been kind of crazy so we haven't gotten together every Tuesday, but we've been getting better as the fall approaches. Lots of times we try out a new restaurant or cook something up - sometimes good, sometimes not so good!

My sister, Kate (she's on the right, my niece is on the left)- there is noone on the planet that I would rather go to WalMart with than Kate. Only she and I can have so much fun, buy so many things we don't need, talk each other into or out of buying so much craziness, or laugh so much in a superstore. It really is ridiculous. She really is my very best friend - one of those built in best friends. She just has to be because she's always known me, always will, knows all of our family issues and joys and well, she's just my sister. I can't imagine life without a sister. Sad, truly. And she's so much fun, even when she's depressed she makes me laugh. :)

Janello, also known as Janelle - she was my very first friend at Tallowood, the one who ate lunch with me every day asking me twenty questions until she finally got me to talk. She's the one I go visit in her cubicle and often sit in her lap. I can talk to Janelle about work stress, boss stress, dress code stress, boy stress and she just gets it. I'm not sure how I'd survive some days at work without her. She's also a crazy Lord of the Rings fan and is a ton of fun if you get her to the rodeo (she's fun without the rodeo too, just super fun at the rodeo!) OH, and I love to make fun of her for being OCD.
My sweet friend Mo - also known as Monica - who just got married in June - wooohoooo! And she honestly seems taller in real life (actually I think it's my shoes) Anyway, Monica is one of my most favorite peeps because she loved me and "got me" when I really needed somebody too. When I was in my funk she totally understood and told me it was gonna be okay. She's my coffee buddy although we need to get together again soon - the miles and marriage and my busyness are keeping us apart. :)
Oh, Annetta - what to say? (I think you can figure out which one she is!) She is one of those precious gifts from God that I never would have expected. She's the high school associate and we share a cubicle wall which provides so much fun as we hear each other typing e-mails and then we giggle when we get the message. She is crazy and has a Humongo heart and passion and love for worship and keeps me a little edgier than I would normally be! And oh my goodness, I love to pray with her. And let's not forget, she inspires me to be proactive about my dreams. :)

Will, Will, Will - he's the one who keeps me entertained in the office for sure. Will's great because he never ever gets mad at me, even when I encouraged the unauthorized opening of his nunchucks when he was out of town! And who else could have so much fun with me balancing on a soccer ball and flipping quarters off your elbow and then catching them. See, most of you can't even imagine what I'm talking about. Yep, that's Will. Oh, and he's also a Bible scientist.

Roberto - also known as Rob - and here seen as a cowboy (yep,he's on the right). Rob's one of my buddies from when I went to Peru, anybody remember that? Anywho, he's also on staff at Tallowood and makes great comments during movies, and is always up for an adventure, and tries to keep Will in line at the testosterhome.

Okay, so this is weird, I'm putting my boss, Jerome - but honestly, he is indeed a friend too and I love, love, love working with him. And since I'm sure you've all heard about him, now you can see him too. There's only one J-Rome.

Oh, gosh, this is getting long - and I know I'm leaving some people off - so sorry about that, but you probably dont' even know I have a blog so you won't get your feelings hurt. But, alas here are two more of favorite folks from this summer. Kristi (in the middle)- Kristi was definitely God's gift to me this summer. I couldn't begin to tell you what an encouragement she was too me - always brightening up my days. Yep, I miss that girl.

Whit - I could NOT have made it through the summer without him by my side at camp and the mtrip. A few things Whit loves - soccer (especially in the office), cream soda (especially on road trips), discussing theology (basically wherever), Georgia, and well let's not forget car racing, but that's a long story, oh and then there's chasing cars (as in the snowpatrol song). He actually might be moving back to Texas, but time will tell!

And yes, one more - Crazy Dave - honestly we don't hang out much outside the office, but he's always making me laugh. He and his wife, Jess, (sorry no pic)just moved hear a couple months ago (probably more than that!), and I have loved getting to know them. And who else could launch Western Thursdays! He walked in today with the hat which quickly earned him a place in the post.


Kasey Joy said...

love love love love love love love the post!!! So thoughtful of you, I mean literally, that took a lot of thought for you to go through that many ppl! Anyways, thanks for posting! oh, and thanks for the spotlight moment! What an honor!

Janelle said...

YAY! I love this post! (and not just because at one point it highlights me...)
Seriously though, how much fun is that? To sit and just drink in the gifts of friendship our Daddy God has given. VERY COOL.
I have to say, it makes me smile as I look at this post and think of my friendship with you and with those in the pictures. Thanks for the reminder friend!

PS~ you know you help keep me sane too!

Johnson Journal said...

Rebecca this was a great post! I loved it! Thanks for sharing about your friends! Can't wait to see you! Love, Elizabeth

suzanne said...

yeah um the cowboy picture
it doesn't even look like rob

claymonster said...

I notice that I'm not in one of these photos... but then, the post wasn't entitled "My Sunday Lunch Buddies". Ha!
Seriously, though -- I know most of those folks in your pictures and would say you've got a great circle of friends. Enviable, even!