17 August 2007

Blog Boredom

Okay, so this has possibly been one of the longest days of my life. And it's not even 4:00 yet. Ah geez. So, it's Friday and I'm in the office by myself today, all by my little self. Do you feel sorry for me? You should, I'm pretty lame. Actually, once upon a time I was used to this kind of day and enjoyed the solitude of Fridays. They are so incredibly productive it's amazing. And yet, well, it's been a wild and crazy summer and I guess since the middle of May I haven't seen a full Friday of alone time in the cubicle. But alas, all my regular youth compadres are off today and my beloved interns, Jacob and Tim, have left me. Woe is me. Yeah, so maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic. It hasn't been a bad day at all, and actually I've been enjoying most of the peace and quiet. Yeah, so what was I saying? I can't even pay attention to myself...not quite sure how you will endure reading this. I'll offer prizes to you who make it through this. But I digress again, I was saying that it's been a good day and all, I even had a jalapeno pretzel with cream cheese for lunch and have been uber productive today. But still, this day is lasting FORFREAKINEVER! Even since I've been writing this post, I've only managed to waste about 4 very long minutes. Isn't there something more entertaining than listening to me whine....

EUREKA! How bout I dig up some favorite pics from the summer. I know you're salivating with anticipation.
My senior girls....ah, let me wipe a tear...they're all grown up now and heading off to college!The tribe of Dan at camp - what a beautiful week!

My mom and I and a few amazing and godly friends we got to visit before the family reunion...

My mom and nephew playing at reunion - definitely two peas in a pod.

Here's me being a total dork in the lake at the state park in TN.

Ah shucks, nothing says summer memories like the youth staff - Jerome, moi, Charis - AKA "Cherish the Intern", WilliMac, Buck Wild Tim, and Jake, the little ball of hate.
Okay, okay, so he's not really that mean-spirited and just for the record, Charis isn't an intern, she's here to STAY, thank goodness!


Michawn said...

I totally made it...what's my prize? :) So glad you finally had a new post. Love you girl.

Elizabeth said...

I made it too so my prize should be that you have to come back to Turkey to live! Love ya!

Shaune said...

hey rebecca. I read your latest blog most of the way through. when it got towards the middle, I skipped a bit.

so...they pay you to blog while your at work? awesome.

Greg & Kim said...

Hey sis! Love the pictures! Have a good weekend? Can you believe it's already Monday? Pooh! Luv ya!