03 April 2006

I know, I know!

I know it's taken me way to long to post, but for goodness gracious, I've been busy! We just moved offices last week so I'm now in a nice and shiny new "office system" (more affectionately known as a cubicle). Actually, my cubicle is quite spacious and homey. I'm just trying to get caught up after several days packing and then unpacking - oh, the joys of change!
The most important reason I'm posting, however, is to ask you to be praying for me the next couple days. I'll be speaking to a group of fabulous high school students on Wednesday night and I'm crazy nervous. I've definitely never done this before. Actually, when I was asked last Wednesday, I said "NO" repeatedly but to no effect. Alas, I know God's asked me to do this and I'm actually really excited about it and how He's already been answering prayers for me as I've been preparing, but still I could use more of your prayers. Mostly, I just want you to ask God to do the work He wants to do on Wednesday night - I feel like these students are really at a place where they can choose - pray that they choose life. I love you guys and promise to let you know how it goes...Josh. 1:9


claymonster said...

Preach on, sister! I'll be praying for you -- I'm sure you'll do great.

Now, about that picture - what's with the big McCartney head sticking up out of it?

Chandi said...

reBEccaaaaaah! Love your blog. Of coarse... I've only ever read two other blogs... but I guess I love it because it's like having a small coffee (espresso size)... and catching up with you, special friend! wondering why i've not read many blogs.... two babes in diapers... nuff said.

Kasey Joy said...

Yay for a post!!! You know I'll be prayin!

Dixon Ailesi said...

Stumbled on your blog after looking at the Johnson's. Pretty cool stuff. You look great and your hair is so long. We are headed back to Houston for a few months starting in June. Are you there? Our blog site...just in case you are interested in checking it out is www.dixonsturkey.blogspot.com .
You know how it goes...peer pressure and we all have to have a blog!

Anonymous said...

who's praying?? LAURA'S PRAYING!!!!

and everyone who's anyone read's your blog. duh.