07 April 2006

Thank You!

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for remembering me on Wednesday night. I wasn't even nervous once I got talking and God answered so many prayers. I am glad it's over, but I am still thankful I had the opportunity. Of course, after talking about how important it is that we watch what we say, I've had an incredible challenge today keeping my mouth shut about certain things that I would like to gripe about - difficult yes, but thankful for His gentle nudges to help keep me quiet. :)

Oh, today I had the joy of eating Turkish food for lunch at the Empire Turkish Grill which is only about 5 minutes from work. It's only my second time there in two years. It was fun trying to remember my Turkish and I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed my mercimek corbasi (red lentil soup), my coban salatasi (tomato and cucumber salad), and sigara boregi (feta cheese rolled inside phylo dough)! It was cok guzel (fabulous). I wanted to get firinda sutlac also, but I was way too full. Tokum, afiyet olsun to me!


Janelle said...

Glad things went so well on Wednesday night. I was praying for ya!
Sorry I missed going to the Turkish restaurant with the girls... you'll have to go again and I'll be sure to be there next time... however, you will have to help me with what to choose from the menu... I have no clue about Turkish food!

rindy said...

So glad your talk went well...I never had any doubts. AND, wow, the Turkish food looks so yummy! Can't believe it was only your second time! Cok ayep! :-) I'll definitely have to make a trip down to eat there, and I might selam soyle to you too. :-) Optum!

Johnson Journal said...

all that food sounds good and I can get it all time! Elizabeth