07 November 2006

All about Clay

Well, it's about time I told you about Clay. It doesn't get much better than Clay. He's for sure, one of my favs. I mean , I wasn't lucky enough to get him to be my date for Retro Prom, but still he was sweet enough to take a couple pictures with me. Look how excited I am! Let me give you just a taste of the stud that is Clay...
  • He's super smart (especially about really obtuse trivia)
  • And he's ohso funny
  • And he's amazing at karaoke
  • And he's a fabuloso dancer
  • And let's just say he looks INCREDIBLE in polyester - and let's face it, not many men do.
All in all, I heart Clay. In fact, I wish I could get jars of him. I mean, if they sold jars of Clay, I'd buy them by the dozen.

I must be dreaming of Clay in this photo!

Errrrggggghhhh! Clay with the other woman! That hussy, thinking she can woo him
with that blue eye shadow!


Jen said...

those pictures are beyond hideous!!!

claymonster said...

Hoo-boy. I have to agree that the pictures aren't so great, as they do not really capture the rusty-brown-stretchy-double-knit wonder that was my pants.
Scarier still, there's video footage somewhere.
I have to say, you look gorgeous even in big hair and pink stuff.
Feel free to delete this entry at any time, there's a polyester-free lunch in it for you some Sunday afternoon... (OK, I'll take you to lunch even if you leave it up).

rindy said...

Turkiye fotograflari ne zaman geliyor???