15 December 2006


Cok Guzeldi! I had an incredible trip to Turkey over the week of Thanksgiving. It was wonderful spending time with some of my favorite folks, eating fabulous Turkish food, enjoying the Bosphorous, tromping around my Besiktas, and more or less just soaking in all that is Turkey. Gosh, I miss that place (at least most things!) Here's just a sample of pics...

Cute as cute could be!

I miss you Jen - especially walking arm in arm and having people try to talk to us in English!

Jen and Semih about to enjoy delish Iskender!

I'm praying for you ladies!

7 Rebes plus 3 Paulds plus 2 Blays equals way too much fun decorating gingerbread cookies!

One of my original Adapazari friends, Seyfi - except now he's all grown up and dignified! It was so much fun to see him!

S'mores and more s'mores and even more laughs!

I seriously heart these two! They're kids are cute as ever except lots lots taller. :)

My dear dear friend Selma and her cok tatli nephew! I love you Selma and am praying for you!

Saved the best for last...My hero, Lynette and I on the lovely boat ride to Eminonu. I had such a wonderful time sharing life with you and the fam for a week. Love.


Johnson Journal said...

I was sad looking at your pictures because I didn't get to see you! you have to come back soon! I'm glad you had a good time.
Love ya, Elizabeth

Mandy B Stenberg said...

FUN FUN FUN Rebecca. Thanks for sharing the pics. I am getting to take my sweetie there in February. I can't wait to share it with him! I sure hope to see lots of those same folks!

Love ya!

rindy said...

Hey canim! Your trip looked wonderful. Brings back so many memories. Love ya!

Greg & Kim said...

Turkiye'yi coooook ozluyorum!!!! :) Fotograflarini sevdik! Opuyoruz seni! ;)