11 February 2007


tad long for us. And I'll have to tell you more about the weekend later cuz she's here....Here's aOkay, so this is going to be a lame post, because any minute now my friend Kasey is going to walk in and demand that we head to lunch. Forget the fact that I've been waiting on her for half an hour. When she's ready, she's ready. (love you girl!) Anywho, since I don't have time to muster up some deep topic to write about, let's just say I've had a marvelous weekend. I am so blessed to be one of those fortunate souls who loves their job, but still the weekend break from the office is a joy. Friday night I went to a fundraising Piano concert and banquet at church. I got to sit with my adopted family - Jerome, Jan, and Ashley. The food was incredible and Ash and I had more fun than should be allowed sending text messages when the piano playing got to be a random photo just to reward you for checking in with me... A photo of my mom and pop when they got married!

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Elizabeth said...

yeah for the post! Love ya, Elizabeth