18 March 2007

Rodeo Rainstorm

So this past week was spring break. Meaning kids off of school, my sister and brother-in-law both off work (since they are serious educators), and moi stuck in the office! Sad for me! Actually, it wasn't sad at all. I had a great week. The office was super quiet and relaxed. I did some manual labor (just taping before the painters came) in the new youth space, and just kind of chilled in the office. Friday afternoon we all made coke floats (all 5 of us who were here anyway!) And then of course, we made our annual trip to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo!

Last year was my first time to go in AGES, but it was so much fun, we decided to go again this year. Of course, Houston weather didn't quite seem as excited about the rodeo as we were. There were terrible rainstorms all morning and afternoon, threatening gloom and despair on our best laid plans. But alas, the storm eventually eased and Kasey and I trooped on. (I started writing this on Sunday and finally getting back to it on Wednesday!) Anywho, we had a rip-roarin good time. As I guess the photos prove, I am a Texas girl after all...

Believe it or not, this is Elsie the Cow, as in "THE ELSIE", the Borden Elsie! I'm not kidding, it's really her. She wasn't about to give me the satisfaction of smiling for the pic. She seems a bit snobby at first, but she's actually a real cud-up. Get it - cud up!!! I continue to crack myself up.

The proof's in the stick - yep, I guess I'm not man enough to eat the whole Turkey leg.
It's not a true rodeo experience without eating some really fattening food.

Woman enough to take the cheesy pic - My mom LOVES this one!

My favorite pic of Kasey from the night. She's about to purchase our deep-fried oreos.
I'm telling you -sounds gross, tastes amazing.

Some people say you're either single for a season or single for a reason -
I don't think there's any doubt which one I am...


Michawn said...

those pictures are awesome. you are gorgeous. i love the first picture...so cute...very artistic.

Dixon Ailesi said...

I miss the rodeo. It's one of the great things about living in Houston! When we were getting ready to come back to Turkey I heard one of the DJ's on KSBJ talking about holidays in Houston. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and then rodeo. We missed it again! I want my kids to know what a Turkey leg is...and I would love to try a fried oreo! Well, maybe one of these days we'll time it right!

Karin Cunningham said...

hi honey,
i love the pics...you're so cute and funny! be sure and tell Janelle I'm commenting...she's a bit OCD about it. thanks for sharing.