30 April 2007

What to post...

Strange. Maybe not so strange. I'm sitting here at my computer, actually with time to post, and for the life of me I can't think of anything to post about. Not that my life has been dull lately, actually kind of busy, but maybe it's just too much to write about or perhaps it just seems boring to the rest of the world. Let's see...what's been going on.
1. Moved out of my apartment and in with my sister and brother-in-law and nephew. I was sad about sacrificing the joys of living by myself, but it's been really nice to be part of a family again. So far, so good. Of course, I still have stuff that needs to be unpacked once I figure out where to put it.
2. Oh, the reason I moved back in with my sis (after 2 years or so) is to save money. Lord willing, I'd love to buy a house!
3. Still loving the job. The longer I have this job the more I realize how blessed I am to love being where I am and doing what I do with the people I'm with. Few people have it so good and I'm grateful to be in this spot for now.
4. I'm loving teaching my senior girls on Sunday mornings. I never prepare like I should, but they continue to be a delight - not to sound cheesy, but I just enjoy relationship with them. I'm usually surprised by their drastic swings between great depth and insight one moment and their eyes glazing over the next moment. :) They are such a joy and yet a burden too. My heart just longs for them to really want Him.
5. I just erased the previous entry for number 5 which was about boys and how complicated they are. Actually they really aren't complicated at all, but being a girl, I just like to make them complicated! Perhaps another time.

This blog is just not doing it for me. Should I just erase the whole thing and give up? But that would make the last 15 minutes a complete waste of time with nothing to show for it. So, I'll leave it. Ah...let's see, pictures always make things more fun right - let me see what I got...EUREKA - maybe eureka is a little strong, but I'm going to put up my favorite pics of me with my fam. Sorry if you've already seen 'em. I am shocked to discover that I don't have a single picture on my computer (at least not that I can find) of my nephew - that is pure craziness that must be remedied especially since the bond we have now formed sharing a bathroom. :) First off, my nieces - Lauren, Lindsey, Landri . Adorable stinkers.
My brother Andy - the father of aforementioned stinkers - shocker. I must admit though, he gets sweeter in his old age!
And yes, my baby Carly. Nobody on the planet adores me as much as she does - in my opinion, the number one reason to have a dog.
Mom, wow, she is the best. She comes second to Carly in adoring me and unlike Carly, she has loved me from day one and is probably the most selfless and godly woman I have ever known.

Dad. Again, I have to be amazed at how blessed I am in this world to have a good dad. A rare treasure - and funny too. If you think I'm funny, he's probably why!
Speaking of funny, my sister, Kate. Honestly, I can't imagine living life without a sister. Whether far or near, she's always on my team and there's no one else on the planet I'd rather go to WalMart with. (I'm a bit bothered by that hanging preposition, but it just says what I mean, ya know?)

And Z-man, I promise I'll add you too soon.

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claymonster said...

I think moving is something worth posting about!
And on the subject of wanting to buy a house... I just decided to rent one more year (well, 11 months) because I don't want to buy a place, have this
housing 'bubble' burst and find out my house appraises at 70% of what I just bought it for. That'd keep me up at night. The "boom" we're in right now outstrips anything in previous US history by a scary margin. We'll see!
Nice pics, I hope your nephew doesn't feel left out!