13 April 2007

Day to day pours forth speech...

(just a side note: I just saw that you can now blog in Hindi....hmmm....maybe my next post)So, I spent several days last week in Virginia Beach visiting my best friend and her husband. I can't even put into words how refreshing the visit was for me - body, soul, mind, and spirit. It was just such a relaxing, fun, ,and encouraging time. We went to the beach three days in a row and just marveled at the dramatic changes from day to day (including snow and freezing wind one day) and its amazing vastness. Truly, all creation seems to scream of its Creator.

And as for another of God's great gifts, there's nothing like a friend who knows all the ins and outs of you and still thinks you're wonderful, but also not afraid to tell you like it is. That, and just encouraging me to be more Christlike, is an awesome quality in a friend. Thank you Mark and Rebecca for your hospitality, your encouragement, your wisdom, your godly example, your prayers, and for letting me be. Oh...and thanks for making me cry, geez! :) Well, it's been a crazy busy week since I've been back in the real world and so I'll be keeping this short. Here's some of my favorite pics...love it, love it, love it!

Can I just tell you how absolutely frozen we were! At least we had the beach to ourselves!

Such an awesome sight

Just hangin in our cozies looking at photos and just being together.

We are hysterical. Obviously.

Can you get any cuter? Or more in love? I don't think so.

Super cool craftsman guy in Williamsburg.

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AmyG said...

GORGEOUS!!! I'm glad you were able to relax and have fun with your friends! Looks like you went through some definite climate extremes. :) Anytime you want pure sunshine come visit me in Mumbai during the dry season, (or if rain is your thing, monsoon season can't be beat). :) Love you friend, amy g