29 December 2007

I could SO be Dorothy

in the Wizard of Oz! Would you just look at these Chuck Taylor All Star Sequins shoes! I'm not sure what it is about my gene pool that makes me absolutely LOVE these shoes. I want some. Probably shouldn't buy them, much less wear them, but I do honestly think they are so great. I just showed them to my dad. He thinks they're awful. What can I say, I guess I didn't get my taste in shoes from my dad, and as far as these go, probably not my mom either. But still, something about them is just so charming...it's like they are glitzy but earthy at the same time. And well, I already know they're cozy, and well, they're red and that's always good and they're converse and that in itself is great and well, they are just so completely impractical and totally unexpected. A juxtaposition of natures if you will. And I will. :) If I bought some that's what I would name them. Juxtaposition.


Anonymous said...

yep you should so get em. i would totally love to see you in them:)
love ya my converse wearing iskender.

Johnson Journal said...

I could see you in those shoes! Love ya, Elizabeth

Michawn said...

Hey, love the shoes, but where are some pictures of your NYC trip, huh missy? I wanna see.