28 January 2008

Big Day for My Mom

Hey, my mom sent out the following e-mail about her big day today. Thanks for praying...

Dear ones,
Thanks SO much for the covering of love and prayers from you. Since some of you are wondering how things are going, here is some info. Tomorrow morning, Mon. Jan 28, I'll have blood work and chest x-ray done for my expected lumpectomy on Thursday. Richard and I will spend all Monday afternoon at Fox Chase Cancer Center for my second opinion for surgery and treatment. We'll see a surgeon, an oncologist, and a radiology oncologist and a social worker. Tuesday afternoon we'll see my surgeon Beth DuPree for my pre opt visit for the lumpectomy Thursday Jan 31. During surgery she will clear out the cavity surrounding where the lump was, and also examine the sentinel lymph node, or others if there is cancer in the first one.
If Fox Chase Cancer Center recommends a mastectomy, (with reconstruction), I would likely comply, though this could mean delaying surgery, possibly a couple of weeks because of surgical schedules. I am taking a number of questions to ask tomorrow, as we'll be with each doctor for about an hour. The necessity of removing any traces of the malignant lump, 8mm by 6mm, that was excised during the biopsy is the first need. Second is for the lymph nodes to be clean of cancer or "pre-cancer". Third, and extremely important, is for us to choose the route with surgery and treatment that will be effective in keeping any cancer from recurring.
God answers your prayers in all kinds of ways to bring smiles, faith, or encouragement to Richard or me. I actually cooked supper last night. Stir fried cabbage and cornbread! And.....God reminds me of His words like: Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5 And, Let the weak say, I am strong. Joel 3:10
Love and thanks....

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