16 January 2008

On a more positive note :)

Hark, here's the long awaited pics from my day in New York a few weeks back! I probably walked about a trillion miles that day, but it was absolutely a glorious time tromping around by me'self just going and doing and seeing whatever made my little heart happy. Just being in the big city made me happy too cuz it reminds me so much of living in the Bul!
The Christmas display windows at all the department stores were amazing as usual!

My favorite pic of the day!

A display window outside of Tiffany's - I saw a ring inside that cost $70,000.

I know it's not much to look at, but this is where I rested my tired little feet after the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was an amazing Turkish restaurant where I had cay, coban salatasi, ekmek, and manti! It was absolutely incredible and even the outside reminded me of Turkey. It's called SipSak and I think it's at 2nd and 49th...just in case you're in the neighborhood and want to stop by. Afiyet Olsun to me! :)

A Christmas tree inside the New York Public Library - who knew that place was so beautiful!

Not my daddy's Home Depot.
My attempt at a random artsy photo.
The humongo Rockefeller Center tree!
I had never been to Central Park before and was amazed at how beautiful and serene it really is right there in the middle of the city. It goes on for miles and even has a zoo right in the middle of it!
What can I say? When you're a lone pilgrim in the Big Apple you have to take these goofy pictures of yourself...I tried to take it when nobody was looking. ;)


Greg & Kim said...

Ah!! TOO MUCH FUN! We'll take note of that location and have to stop by next time we're down there! Thanks for the tip. ;)

Linda said...

oh man...i really gotta get to nyc. i wish it had worked out for me to be there, too! the last pic. made me laugh...you're so funny.
anyway--enjoyed the post.
miss you.
thinking of you.

abby said...

Ah...the Bul- wouldn't it be great to jump on a plane and have a weekend there? :) I love that you got to eat yummy Turkish food and that you had such a fun day!