23 February 2008

to do list

Here's my list of accomplishments today...

1. got out of bed after 10:30 AM
2. ate 2 pieces of sourdough toast with jam
3. watched some tv
4. brushed teeth...mine
5. put on clean if just a bit wrinkled t-shirt that says "Princess" and sort of clean cozy pants
6. went on a leisurely, meandering walk in my new Chaco's
7. sat under a tree for almost an hour
8. spotted a bluejay
9. prayed for a redbird
10. spotted a redbird :)
11. started to walk home
12. stepped in mud
13. scraped off mud
14. watched 7-8 turtles slide into pond, albeit man made...pond, not turtles
15. rinsed more mud off shoes by stepping in puddles
16. completed cleaned Chaco's with garden hose to preserve their sweet and shiny newness a bit longer
17. propped Chaco's in rungs of picket fence to dry in sun
18. ate pimento cheese sandwich
19. drank water
20. changed facebook status
21. watched too many design shows
22. got back in bed
23. lay there
24. read some Romans
25. talked on phone
26. ate southwest chargrilled chicken salad which my sister brought me from Chick-Fil-A
27. ate 4 girlscoutthinmints and put rest in freezer
28. watched more design shows
29. guzzled some cold milk with even colder thin mints
30. web-surfed like crazy till I developed a bad case of mouse wrist

No wonder I'm getting tired. I'm going to bed.

P.S. It didn't rain. :) Me of little faith.


Dixon Ailesi said...

this made me laugh out loud. i love these kind of to do lists. things i can actually accomplish and feel good about them. i may need to take this list and see how much i can get done tomorrow. well...i might have to make a few substitutions...like pigeons for bluejay and redbird, and street dogs for turtles, and turkish game shows for design shows, and doner for chick-fil-a, and tutkus for thin mints...wait...i can't do anything on this list. i guess i will have to make my own!

Anonymous said...

So glad God sent you a "red bird"...Wish you'd come see us, we have blue birds nesting somewhere near our house, not blue jays, actual blue birds. They're beautiful, and chickadees and finches and, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal (red bird).