28 February 2008

Sad news

I am sad to say that I found out today that my friend Cyd and her driver who were kidnapped in Afghanistan on January 26 are believed to be dead. I had been checking the updates every couple days or so, but just found out this news in an e-mail from another friend of mine living there. I know many of us are sad today, but please keep praying for the expat and Afghan women and men who are grieving in a much more personal way. Cyd had such a beautiful heart that never failed to give life and hope to those around her. She will be missed by so many people, but we can rejoice today that she is now celebrating with her Father! :)

Here's some of the news...

ARLDF site

Fox News report

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Peas on Earth said...

Rebecca, I don't know you, but linked to your site from another's (whom I don't think you know either, how wierd is that!?) I do know of Cyd, though (my hubby and I are also SWBTS grads), but had not heard the updated news you speak of. I pray that God will be glorified in this, whatever the outcome! Of course we hope for what we, in our humanity, would call "the best," but we also know that our "best" is not always God's. His ways are higher than ours, for sure. Hang in there and know that no matter what happens, Cyd matters to God and she is never out of his reach. May God bless you! Sharon