21 February 2008

Where's Elijah when you need him?

James 5:17 "Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years."

Okay, so I have a need. I need you to pray. (First of all thanks for praying for my mom! She's doing great...at least I think so. She got a balloon inserted yesterday which they will use Monday - Friday next week for her twice a day radiation treatments. Keep praying please!) Okay, but back to the immediate need today. Spark is today. Spark is where over 230 students come to a kick-off tonight and then spend the weekend in 31 different homes with 31 different leaders. Thing is, it's "supposed" to rain and storm this afternoon and evening like crazy. However, this will make it quite sketchy for our leaders driving and flying in and for well over 230 students, parents, and host families trying coming this evening. So, if you could pray that the rain holds off...until Monday would be great - If God can handle 3 years, I'm pretty sure 3 days isn't a problem for Him! :) And why you're at it, could you also pray that the ice storm coming to Louisville in a few hours will hold off until Will & Kristi can get on their already delayed plane to come here? Gee, thanks!

Okay, so mostly, will you just pray that Jesus reveals Himself in a life-changing way to our students this weekend. We need Him, oh so desperately.

p.s. Who knew Elijah was a blonde? No wonder I like that guy.

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