09 March 2008

Only toe deep

Well, I can't quite explain what is compelling me to write this, because honestly I don't really have much to blog about. I wouldn't say life has been boring at all, but I guess I just haven't been inspired. But, here's the thing...it seems like the last several posts have been a bit heavy. Kind of deep, and honestly pretty sad. I just hate for all 3 of you to be faced with seeing that "sad news" every time you come visit. It was and continues to be sad news, and although I am so grateful for your prayers for Cyd's family and also for my mom, I feel like we could all use something a little less deep for a change. Of course, this is where I got my lame attempt at being clever in my title, "Only toe deep." When I come up with stuff like that I'm amazed that I can ever talk about more than poptarts or something else as base. What am I saying? I'm not sure. How about this joke I heard on Prarie Home Companion today...

What happened when the butcher backed into his meat grinder?

(wait for it, wait for it...)

He got a little behind in his work!

Oh my goodness, how sad is it that I find that absolutely funny! I can hear some of you saying, ewwwww and a few more of you just moaning because it's so corny. Man, how I love corny.


Anonymous said...

I laughed. Also I laughed at the fact that you wrote expired instead of inspired...go reread your post:) yep the english teacher in me.
Love ya!

Michawn said...

I also laughed, out loud. And, I too laughed about the 'expired' thing. Did you say that on purpose? Funny either way.

LOVED the corny joke. I like corny too. Miss you girl. When are you coming down?

Rebecca said...

Thanks Jen! And no, Michawn, I didn't say that on purpose...I guess it's just proof that I had no real inspiration!

Here's another one I almost posted, but didn't want to offend anybody...but if you're reading the comments, then really your're asking for it.



Anonymous said...

Friend...I love your corny, expired self!!! Sorry I haven't called back. No good reason, lots of excuses!

I'll call soon. I have news!

Much love,

Greg & Kim said...

Thanks for the reason to smile! Needed it at work today!

rindy said...

Love it! I miss your corny self. It always made my corny self laugh. Turkey needs more corny people...it's a little heavy over here! Come back!! :-)