28 March 2008

I hate being tagged

And honestly, I think this is the first time I've actually complied! I guess it seemed short enough and well, Elizabeth, you do have a special place in my heart since you got me started doing this whole blogging thing and all...so here's to you!

Ten years ago...I was plowing through my first year in seminary and loving springtime in Louisville!

My to do list today...
1. Get to work on time - check.
2. Get summer calendar ready to mail - working on it.
3. Join my sis in the Relay for Life tonight to benefit America Cancer Society.

What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire...
Travel the world for a year!

Three bad habits...
1. hitting the snooze.
2. procrastinating...especially when it's something I despise like dealing with car stuff.
3. going to Target....it's kind of a love/hate relationship.

Five jobs I've had...
1.worked a couple summers at a preschool.
2.worked at a psychologist/psychiatrist office.
3.worked in Pediatric Cardiology at TCH.
4.taught conversational English.
5.my sister hired me to teach dance...I only lasted one day!

Five things people don't know about me...
1. I took 4 years of French.
2. I can stand on my head.
3. I had open heart surgery when I was 17.
4. I love the movie Man On Fire.
5. I want to write an essay for This I Believe.

And I'm not going to tag anybody and laden them with peer pressure and guilt, but if you're at a lost for what to post...what's stopping you?


Kasey Joy said...

ok, we are officially in a figh. #1 - I tagged you on this exact same list, and you never did it - you obviously hate me

#2 - I thouhgt I had a hand in getting you into the blogging world...thanks for the credit - more proof you hate me!

haha, jk, love you friend!

Johnson Journal said...

see that wasn't so bad was it?! I don't actually like them either but Mandy tagged me before and I never did it so I thought I owed it to her this time. We will be in our house hopefully in a about 3 weeks. You better come and visit us! Love ya my friend! ej