08 March 2006

Don't you just hate that?

So last night I was being a good little blogger and writing a post. I didn't have tons to say, but for all 6 of my readers I wanted to give you something - a little something to hold on to until I really had something to say, ya know? Well, then of course, my troubled laptop decided to disconnect and well, let's just say "the mission was aborted." ( thanks to LG for that quote) Anywho, man don't you just hate it when that happens? I probably won't let it happen again because I won't be updating on my laptop too often. I should know better anyways. My laptop has never been the same since Central Asia, but that's another story. So, ya'll missed out on my thoughts on Softscrub w/bleach and NPR, I'm truly sorry for your loss. Here's a hint though - I love them both. Yes, it's true, I have many loves.
It's amazing how full my social calendar has been of late. A crazy FamilyForce5 concert last week, dinner and coffee w/friends Friday night, church and then dinner at a friend's place on Sat. night, a real live Oscar party on Sunday night, and the Rodeo tonight. Crazy, I tell ya, crazy! I do love to be social, but I'm sure by this weekend, I'll be more than ready for some introverted time. Being social so much really does wear me out. But alas, I'm not there yet - still more fun to have, more social oats (relatively speaking of course) to go before I crash and hole myself up in my little apartment and spend quality time with my pooch Carly and give her some much needed belly rubs.
And now, I'm off to lunch for some vietnamese food - yum!

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Mandy B Stenberg said...

Rebecca! Hi there. Stumbled on your blog through the Johnson and Johnson AND NOW NEW JOHNSON blog! Yep, in case you haven't heard yet, Bailey Ann made her appearance today 10:00p Istanbul time! Yippeee! No photos yet. Get in touch with me girl . . .