17 March 2006

Home sweet home

I've been sitting in another office this week filling in for another secretary, but finally I'm back to my own place on the planet - the oh so lovely youth office. While I did enjoy the view of the pink-blossoming tree outside my window and the plush office, it is so good to be home where I belong. Thankful to be doing what I do best and working with my 3 homies and mostly, actually knowing what I'm supposed to be doing again. Life is good. '

In other news... I slipped out of first place in March Madness, but still second place isn't a bad place to be and I'm sure I'll be making a comeback! And the first place was nice for the few hours that I held that title.

Wow, my life sounds so exciting! Actually, I did go to a meeting last night for our Mtrip we have coming up for high school students this summer. It is going to be amazing and we are all so excited about what the Lord of the harvest will do. We are taking 7 leaders (I'm one of those) w/ 7 teams, in 7 seven vans and setting of to wherever He leads us and doing whatever He says do. At the end of the 7 days, all the teams will meet together to share how He spoke to us and what He accomplished. We really have no plan or agenda except His. Crazy, isn't it? We'll be learning how to hear His voice and depend on Him for every moment. I'm a bit scared, but mostly excited about it. We will have lots of training times beforehand getting to know our teams, praying, listening, memorizing scripture and learning how to hear His voice and share our faith, etc. Our inspiration is Luke 10 where the 70 were sent out - however, in that passage they were told to take no shoes, no bag, no money. We will be in fact taking shoes, bags and money which almost seems like a cop out to tell you the truth. Hmmm, something to ponder. What do ya'll think about that?


AmyG said...

I'm glad you'll be taking shoes, since most places in America are strict about that whole 'no shoes - no service' dealio. :-) What an amazing opportunity for you girl! I'm so excited for you. That is intense and it makes me wanna go!! I can't wait to hear how it turn out. Don't you know those young people will walk away with such a new perspective of who God is and how He relates to them. I love it! I am so very excited for you, Bec! Keep me posted about how I can be thinking of you more specifically. :)love ya!

Kasey Joy said...

First, I think it's fine that you are taking shoes, bags and money. I'm sure that the Lord is pleased with your ambition and will you you all in powerful ways. Second, I didn't know you were going as a leader!!! You have got to tell me these things! Third, I'm so excited for you, that's going to rock!

heather said...

Hey Rebecca! I'm so excited to visit your blog! This mission trip is going to be great...to totally look to God for each direction and have to be wholly dependent on the Holy Spirit---every single one of you all are going to come back changed. I'm SOOOOOO glad that you all are teaching the kids how to listen to the Holy Spirit, because that was something that I really didn't learn until college, and I really stumbled through it (and I'm still learning). Anyway, I will be praying for you guys, and I am so excited to see what God will do through this! Glorify yourself, Lord!!!!!