03 March 2006

Yep, it's true

Well, I've finally succumbed to this blog-crazed age and mostly just the fact that so many of my favorite people have blogs and if I want to keep up with them (or rather let them keep up with me) then I've got to blog. There's no more denying it. Of course, I do wonder if I'll really have anything to say all that often to make this even somewhat interesting, but the fact remains that people who love me will check my blog regardless. I just hope I don't let you all down! I'll try to be interesting, honest I will. Yep...well...it's seems I'm already struggling with what to say...I guess that's it...more to come. Oh, and I know you wouldn't want to miss it.

1 comment:

Kasey Joy said...

I just wanted to be the first to post on your blog!! I'm excited to read another post! May I also be the first to welcome you to the blogging world.